Our Work


This App is developed targeted to the internal use by the restaurant owners/managers and their back-end teams. Mantro intends to bridge the GAP in the requirement of the QSR and the current RMS and bring out a Cost-Effective, Practical way of managing the day-to-day operations of the Quick Service Restaurants. The Restaurant Backend Management System and POS is built for kitchens of all shapes and sizes – from local Uduppi joints to upcoming restaurants and cafes. Hybrid mobile app development using Ionic, web development with Angular and the back-end deployed in AWS cloud. We have implemented Micro-service architecture, payment gateway, secure APIs, SQl & NoSQl databases, data encryption, real time updates, QR codes, PDF generation and collaborative working mechanism.


All India Quiz is a simple trivia game targeted towards anyone who is interested in learning more about India. Topics include, Indian history, geography, Politics, Culture and more. The game has been created using Unity3D and is available on Android Play store and Apple App store for anyone to download and play


Kwik Kricket is a competitive trivia game focusing on the game of cricket. You play a single player or a multiplayer game where you try and answer questions the fastest to score more points. The user gets 10 chances per game (10 wickets) and the faster he/she gives out the correct answer, the more points they score (more runs they score) the player can challenge his/her friends in the multiplayer mode as well. The game is built in Unity3D, and the database is setup on DBbrowser, the complete backend is setup on AWS. The game is available on both, android and iOS


Cosmic Sentry is a hyper casual fun game where you take control of a satellite that works as the last line of defense against external threats like aliens and meteorites hurtling towards the earth. Your primary goal is to destroy the meteorites coming towards you and not let the aliens abduct the astronauts in space while rescuing them at the same time. The game was built on Unity3D, and the backend is setup on AWS. The game is available on both, Android and iOS store


Mumbai Gullies is a 3rd person open world role playing game based on 80s underworld Bombay. It is currently a work in progress and is expected to release in 2023 with an expansion few more years down the line. The game is being completely built on Unreal engine and will be available on Steam and the PlayStation.


ND’s film world is a companion app build for ND Film world a theme park of the same name owned and curated by ND studios in Karjat, India. The app is primarily used by the visitors to explore the theme park and get additional information on the movie sets. The app also lets you plan your trip from your location to the theme park and back. The Native Android app is built using Java. Native iOS app produced with Swift. The backend and data pull for the app was setup on wordpress and physical servers


HELLA Connect 2W is a technical trip tracking app for the various automobile products that HELLA offers its customers. Our primary roll in the development in the app was limited to UIUX design and development


Roll the Dice to play the Adventure King game for free with friends and family. Are you ready to be the king of our Adventure King: 3D Ludo game? Adventure King: 3D Ludo is a very simple and exciting dice game, which is based on the sheer adventure of you competing with your opponents to be the king. A strategy-based game mixed with the adventure of a dice game. The game is completely made on Unity3D and is available on android and iOS


Cricket CEO 2021 is a Cricket manager game where you manage a club team by looking into various aspects of the game outside the game of cricket like player morale, brand deals, training sessions, etc. The game is made in Unity3D with the complete backend being handled on AWS. The game is available on the android and iOS stores.